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Careers at Volanto are out of the ordinary. 

We are an innovation business, and our approach to culture is just as innovative as our approach to technology. 

Here are some tips for anyone considering applying to be part of the team:

1. You do not have to tick every point in our job spec to be considered. If you feel you could bring value to our team, we want to hear from you. We welcome unusual backgrounds and see the value they bring.

2. We are a female founded tech startup. We take EDI seriously. We want diversity in our team, because it will make us a stronger team. So far, we have built a team that is roughly 50% female:male and a mix of nationalities. We welcome applications from everyone. 

3. If you have a gap on your CV, that is fine. We all have lives, and we all go through personal challenges. We get it. We think personal challenges can create better teammates. 

4. If you have personal challenges currently ongoing, that is also fine. We get that too.

5. We are all human and we all have commitments and lives outside of work. Our culture is built around authenticity and emotional intelligence, so we care about our teammates and we accommodate each others’ needs. If someone is having a bad day, we pull together and pick up the slack. That’s what being a team means. 

6. We welcome different. We embrace it, we celebrate it, we love it.

7. We have regular emotional intelligence and communication workshops for our team. 

We believe that current working culture is simply not good enough. Everyone should feel safe, valued and important in their work. It is time for a revolution. Be part of something better.

If you're a business reading this, and something in it piques your interest - we offer cultural consultancy services. Contact us for a quick chat to find out more.