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LAUNCHPAD has been designed to give young people and career-changers a boost to success. The UK is suffering from a tech skills gap. The only way to close that gap is for experienced professionals to share their expertise and skills with the next generation.  This is a free mentorship programme. 

There are 3 pathways:

  1. Entrepreneurship: you either want to start a business or have recently started one. You have the ambition, drive and motivation but are missing some skills or experience and aren’t quite sure what to do next 
  2. Technology: you want to pursue a career in tech. Software engineering, data science, cyber security - tech offers a wide range of career options. But it can be hard to break into. We pair you up with our experienced team who have decades of experience in building successful tech careers. Get advice on qualifications, experience, your CV, interview techniques and more. Benefit from our tech network.
  3. Hybrid: a combination of entrepreneurialism and tech. The pathways aren’t set in stone, so you may start on one and switch to the other. 


What does it involve?

We will assign you to a senior member of our team. This is a fast-track programme that lasts 3 months. You will have 1:1 sessions with your mentor to establish what career direction is right for you and then help you pursue it. Advice will include: 

  • CV review and guidance, training suggestions, tech skills suggestions, job seeking preparation, interview advice and networking assistance for exceptional tech candidates.
  • Advice on startup ideas, business plans, growth strategies and seeking investment for those on the entrepreneurial pathway. 

This programme will require dedication, commitment and hard work. It is not an easy pathway to success. There is no such thing. You will be doing the leg work, but with the assistance and guidance from a senior professional. It will give you inside knowledge and guidance that will empower you to make positive decisions and drive yourself towards success. 

Volanto Launchpad Pathways entrepreneurship technology and hybrid

LAUNCHPAD Eligibility

We are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated, committed people. Age is not an issue: this is for anyone looking to change careers, or at the start of their career, regardless of age. Career changers have valuable experience that we need in the tech world. 

If you have a small business more than two years old, consider our Accelerator Programme. It provides a custom made support and growth package at a significantly discounted rate, to help young businesses succeed. 

As a female founded tech business, we take EDI seriously. We actively encourage applications from everyone.

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