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DARQ Tech is Here

DARQ tech is here, and it will change the world. Businesses must be ready to embrace it. Early adopters will reap huge rewards, whilst those who linger may miss the opportunity entirely. 

Every few generations, technology takes a huge leap forwards on multiple fronts at once. On the rare occasions this happens, each advancement amplifies the others. The result is that the world changes at a breathtaking pace. 

The Post-Digital Era Rises

We are at the dawn of the post-digital era. Digital maturity is no longer a competitive advantage. It is the new normal. The balance of the scales has tipped. Digital maturity used to be a plus point - a driver of growth and a way to beat the competition. But not any more. Now it is just the absolute minimum standard a business must meet in order to survive and thrive. 

Mercedes Vision AVTR: the embodiment of digital transformation 

Mercedes Vision AVTR was unveiled in 2020. Inspired by the film Avatar, it takes digital transformation to the next level. 

The car is visually stunning. The Avatar inspiration can be seen in the bright, organically styled neon lights that envelop the vehicle. It can even glide sideways on specially designed wheels. 

Tech Farming and Robot Farmers

Tech farming is on the rise. The agriculture industry is using technology to create massive change. From artificial intelligence and drone technology to electric tractors, agriculture is becoming more disruptive by the year. The pace of technological innovation in farming is quite remarkable. Part of the reason is that one of the leading agriculture businesses - John Deere - has embraced digital transformation and technological innovation to drive advancement. As a result of its tech ambition, it has established itself firmly as the market leader.

Digital Transformation Problems and Solutions

Digital Transformation Problems and Solutions is the third and final part in our digital transformation series. If you missed the other parts, you can find Digital Transformation Part One here.  

Digital Transformation Strategies

Digital transformation strategies are crucial to reaching digital maturity. This is the second Part in our Digital Transformation post series. You can read the first post of our Digital Transformation series here. In this part, we look at three digital transformation strategies, each used by market leading businesses to leverage digital to drive results.

Digital Transformation: an Introduction

Digital transformation strategies have become essential for businesses to survive. But there are some real dangers in the pursuit of digital transformation. In this 3 part series, we look at digital transformation strategies and the common pitfalls. This is the first part of our digital transformation series. 

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