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Submitted by Volanto on November 3, 2021
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We are an exciting, ambitious tech start up with massive disruptive potential. This is an ideal time to join our team at the beginning of our build when you will gain a wide range of experience. 

We are a distributed team, with all members working remotely and as flexibly as their role permits. 

Sick and tired of standard corporate culture, we are building something better. Our culture revolves around authenticity and communication. We run regular workshops around emotional intelligence and communication in the workplace. Every member of our team is valued. We are an innovation business, so innovation is part of everything we do, including our culture. We believe in the power of being better. We dream about what we can be and how we can do things, instead of fixating on what we have been and how things have always been done. 

Lead Data Scientist Role

Our products are heavily driven by AI, and as the senior data scientist in the team, you will be highly influential in the architecture and design of these parts of the platform. Using your deep understanding of different AI/ML techniques, you will help to lead the team to success by 

You will work closely with our CTO to mentor a team of engineers in all aspects of data science.

We are looking for an experienced Data Scientist to work on a cutting edge project. 

Lead Data Scientist Requirements 

  • Degree (2.1 or above) OR exceptional work experience 
  • Around 5 years experience in data science, or less time doing something seriously impressive. We do have entry level roles, and take pride in training the next generation of techies, but this role is a senior role does require experience.
  • A passion for innovation
  • A high degree of emotional intelligence, and/or a willingness to learn through our regular workshops.

Application Notes

Here are some points to consider if you would like to apply: 

  1. You do not need to meet every single point in this job spec to be considered. If you feel you could bring value to our team, we want to hear from you. We welcome unusual backgrounds and see the value they bring.
  2. We are a female founded tech startup. We take EDI seriously. We want diversity in our team, because it will make us a stronger team, and it will make the world a better place. So far, we have built a team that is roughly 50% female:male and a mix of nationalities. We welcome applications from everyone. 
  3. If you have a gap on your CV, that is fine. We all have lives, and we all go through personal challenges. We get it. We think personal challenges can create better teammates. 
  4. If you have personal challenges currently ongoing, that is also fine. We get that too. We have a remote working, flexible-first culture so that we can accommodate those challenges. 
  5. Our culture is built around authenticity and emotional intelligence. We care about our teammates and we accommodate each others’ needs. 
  6. We have a high level of individual and collective responsibility. We do not accept blame culture. We do not try to cover our mistakes by throwing other teammates under the bus! We step up, raise the issue as soon as we become aware of it, take accountability and work together to find a solution. We learn from mistakes. If someone is having a tough time, we pull together. That’s what being a team means. 
  7. We welcome different. We embrace it, we appreciate it, we celebrate it. 

We are doing things differently, because we believe the world of work can be better than what is currently on offer. If this Lead Data Scientist role sounds good to you, apply now by emailing 



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