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Tips for Career Changers

Career changers bring valuable skills and experience. Tech needs a variety of people with a broad range of experiences. It needs more wisdom and maturity, and more variety of thoughts and ideas. Career changers can bring all of this and more. But getting your first tech role is a challenge. Our entry level roles receive hundreds of applications.

Lead Data Scientist

Submitted by Volanto on November 3, 2021
Lead data scientist role at volanto text on starry sky background

We are an exciting, ambitious tech start up with massive disruptive potential. This is an ideal time to join our team at the beginning of our build when you will gain a wide range of experience. 

We are a distributed team, with all members working remotely and as flexibly as their role permits. 

Is a Startup Right for You?

Startup environments have gained serious kudos over the last decade or so. With the rise of tech unicorns like facebook and wework we have seen the glamorisation of startup businesses. We’ve also seen them crash and burn in the most dramatic ways (think of Theranos), but in a weird way that almost adds to the perception of glamour and the romanticization of the startup.

What Trans People Teach us About Gender Bias

Gender bias is an important issue, especially in tech where we see such male-heavy teams as standard. 

It is easy not to notice gender bias. Overt gender bias has been sufficiently frowned upon to stamp it out, in most cases anyway. Where overt gender bias is expressed, society is now relatively quick and heavy-handed in dishing out justice to the offenders. 

Diversity in Tech: why it's more than a tickbox

Diversity in tech is something that we all desperately need more of. At the moment tech is largely dominated by white men. Women are drastically underrepresented and BAME women are the least represented of any group. Increasing diversity is not about being politically correct or box ticking. There is a genuine and urgent need to increase diversity. Here are four reasons why diversity in tech is essential: 

How to Overcome Barriers to a Tech Career

There is a growing tech skills gap in the world, especially in the UK and America. Techies are building the future. If the future is built by just one narrow group of people then it will not work for the world. There is a major push to get more diversity into tech teams. But we, as individuals, need to make the decision to choose a tech career, to be the architects of our future. 

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